I’ve always wished I could have a full beard and mustache. But I’ve never had a reason to try it and every reason to not. It seems like a big time commitment also. The long hours grooming and touching it up. Constantly brushing it. Jk.

But i think I’ve found the perfect excuse. I left my razor in the hotel while on tour. But really — I am taking my general exam now and hopefully, God willing, I’ll pass and be All But Dissertation. There are a few stories I won’t get into now, but I look at the time to finish my research and dissertation as time to concentrate and finish this long race, Prefontaine (crazy mustache) style. I’m going to stop shaving my face from this time on– as if I’m stuck in a jungle with only weapons to help me survive but not groom — until I’ve finished my dissertation. I’m hoping to not take too long with the task: 2 years tops? Enough time to get some Sean Connery grayness into it.

One of my biggest fears is my facial not becoming Grisly Adams/Gilbert Arenas/Dom Deluise full facial hair, but turn into Fu Manchu thinness. Who knows?

I’ve given myself a few escape plans/stipulations:
If in fact I am made to grow Fu Manchu crazy hair, I can stop.
If my mom, a movie director, Natalie Portman or a girl willing to date me, tells me stop, I will.

Touch-up is at my discretion. I know at first it’ll be ugly as sin, but after (a few months to let the patchiness settles and) it evens out, I’ll try to keep it neat.

This is my facial hair experiment. I’ll post photos as the chaos/hair grows.

February 23, 2011 – Last time shaving

Feb. 25, 2011 – 2 days without shaving

Slight development. Doesn’t look terrible yet.

Feb. 26, 2011 – 3 days without shaving