I’m trying not to start any new projects until I finish some lingering previous ones. But as a result of the latest performances of the Laptop Orchestra, ‘speed of setup’ and ‘ease of setup’ have been an issue we’ve brought up. My piece What the Bells, takes a bit of time to setup: Syncing Wii-motes can be time consuming when you’re trying to avoid cross-pairing. Now that I’ve involved iPads into my personal mix of control devices, coming up with an easy-to-setup protocol is at the top of my list.

Pairing iPad with Max may seem a little easier than syncing wii-motes, but as it stands, the current setup up time takes just as long. I’m using TouchOSC and MAX/Msp for most of my software interactions, with UPD/OSC communication- which involves finding and typing in the iPad and computer’s IP/port information. I’m working on finding/writing an easy Bonjour/Zero-Cf engine to speed up the process with clickable ease.

Places I’ve already looked at:
http://toddtreece.com/haplome/?page_id=109 ( an example of how I want to use Bonjour, but also an example of a laundrylist setup.)