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double dragon


I played Double Dragon 2 for the first time yesterday on my mac. I can not believe how hard it was. I was literally stuck on one section, where I had to jump a string of disappearing platforms, for an hour. One hour. I don’t know how anyone could have done it on the classic NES. The attack buttons change with the orientation of your character! Punch is not always A and kick is not always B. Jumping is A and B..

I had the luxury of using the built-in game genie, which prevented me from […]



One of the first things the graduate advisor told me 2 years ago during orientation was that it was going to be hot in Baton Rouge. And the best way to stay cool walking around campus was to find routes that involved the most shade, even if it involved a longer route.

He was completely right. Walking from the school of music to the library doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes. But within those 5 minutes on a normal, I’ll have sweat more than I do at the gym.

I’ve figured out several routes that involve […]

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