Scores available upon request [PDF Previews Soon to Come]


String Quartet No.1
Pins and Needles Bend and Break for solo saxophone
A moment for solo cello [PDF Preview]
Rain for Mixed Percussion and water instruments
Clarify for Violin alone
Adjacency for Flute alone
Memories for the LSU New Music Ensemble: Flute, Clarinets, Euphonium, Tuba, Piano, Celeste and Violin
Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 12 for the LSU New Music Ensemble: Flutes, Clarinets, F Horn, Tuba, Piano, and Violins
Quintet for Woodwinds
Entropy for mixed mallets
Duet for Flute and Trumpet
Duo for Oboe and Bassoon
In Reverie for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Sonata for Oboe
Freer for Soprano Sax
Four Short Pieces for Bassoon and Piano
Youthful Bliss for Piano



The Dark for Soprano and Harpsichord
love itself shall slumber on for Soprano, Marimba, and Cello
Psalm 119 for SATB choir


Nocturne for String Orchestra
Night for Full Orchestra (masters thesis)
Dawn for String Orchestra
Coalesce for Full Orchestra
Fuzz for String Orchestra

Wind Ensemble

Adrift for Small Wind Ensemble


Wait(2011) – 5 channel
Pop Reference(2009) – stereo
Chortle(2008) – stereo
Commotion(2007) – stereo
Metonymy(2007) – stereo
Breakbeat(2007) – stereo
Fatigue(2007) – stereo
Ali’s Back Porch(2005) – stereo
The Main Event(2005) – stereo

Laptop Orchestra

What the Freq– 4 performers: 4 wiimotes+nunchuks
What the Bells– 4 performers: 4 wiimotes+nunchuks, ipad/iphone
(What the) Pluck- solo cello, 16 performers: 16 wiimotes+nunchuks