[ Construction no. 1 ] is an interactive audiovisual performance for voice, interactive media, and constructed speaker blocks, in which social media artifacts (tweets, Flickr photos) are re-interpreted into musical relations of resonance and dissonance.

[ Construction no. 1 ] is made from plexiglass blocks activated with tactile speakers and video projection. As an installation, audience-performers are encouraged to re-arrange blocks and create their own ephemeral social construct. The work is aware of the location of the blocks, therefore building and rebuilding of the network is performative.

In performance, the artists navigate the constructed social space playing with resonance in both the media materials and sonic structure. Interaction between the media and the construction ultimately resonates the structure itself until balance fails, creating the danger of collapse.


[SONIC | MEDIATION] is a trio of Baton Rouge-based sonic artists using technology to make connections between ideological and societal currents, interactivity, and sound.

Jesse Allison [allisonic.com] | LSU Assistant Professor of Experimental Music & Digital Media, President of Hardware Engineering, Electrotap LLC

Nick Hwang [nickhwang.com] | Sonic and Experimental Artist, Interactive Programmer, PhD Candidate in Composition at LSU

Michael Straus [mstraus.net] | Saxophone Interventionist, EAR Duo, PhD Student in Experimental Music & Digital Media at LSU