Project Description

SHP of THSEUS is a musical work for remote performers where the musical parameters are continuously changing, controlled by other performers and audience members. Based on Mythology and the thought experiment of identity, the shape of the work is predetermined but as it progresses, almost all sonic, visual, and control data is replaced multiple times over. A transformational performance overall, the visual and aural progressional will be interactive with the audience. The members of RE/SHFT/ER engage in video mixing, performing on digital instruments, electronic instruments, and circuit-bent devices.

RE/SHFT/ER (Nick Hwang, Jeff Herriott, Eric Sheffield, Anthony T. Marasco, Anna Weisling) is a group of electronic musicians, composers, visual artists with roots from around Wisconsin and Louisiana. RE/SHFT/ER is interested in creating and sharing tools that enable remote collaboration.

SHP of THSEUS uses Collab-Hub ( which allows for collaborative network performance. I’ve been working on Collab-Hub since March 2020. We’ve been working on making Collab-Hub work with different creative platforms (Max, PD, Unity, Arduino, p5.js, Arduino, etc.)

With SHP of THSEUS, we share control data that controls our respective digital instruments. We have set of visual cues (visual score) — each performers sees a different cue. Cues change throughout the work.

All performers of RE/SHFT/ER have a digital/modular/visual instrument that can take control data that affects some parameters.

SHP of THSEUS score
SHP diagram