Story Time

My sister’s husband is in the Navy and wants to record himself reading stories for their 7 month daughter. They wanted an easy sound recorder. So I wrote a simple recorder for her Mac using Max/MSP. Feel free to download this application. **The application is as is and uses my adorable niece’s face as the [...]

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Synthesis Tools

When I first started teaching, I created a few instructional tools to teach them basic sound synthesis. Each one, with the ability to record their sounds, demonstrated the basic synthesis technique well enough to be used in their assigned synthesis projects. These applications were installed on the studio lab computers. Each are available for download [...]

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Chuck tilt sensor calibration

Here’s a Chuck that helps calibrating your laptop tilt sensor, when the readings are not 0,0 on your current surface. You say- you’re picking the laptop up to actuate change. This is important when you place it down again on an uneven surface, also if your null-state changes settings. **Future update, will allow keyboard toggling [...]

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Focus Timer

Focus Timer Was something that I made to counteract my short attention span. When I first moved to Baton Rouge, I would purposely disconnect my ethernet cable from my laptop, to keep me from checking Facebook, MySpace (my DJ profile), Email, etc. The timer is a way for me to track my at-task time– usually [...]

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