Bugs in the System | 2011 | Max  Patch | Arduino Sketch

Bugs in the System is a (prototype) installation piece using Arduino, Sharp IR distance sensors, Max/MSP, HexBug bugs, LEGO’s, contact microphones, and a metal maze, where the location of battery powered Hexbugs bugs, in relation to a track, determines the sonic outcomes. The entire premise is based on ‘bugs’: the creatures, errors in electronic systems, and aural effects of them.

Distance sensors track the position of the bugs on the track and scrub (granularly) through ‘error sounds’ from both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The sounds of the bugs running along the metal track material is also amplified and further processed. The metal track has panels that purposely obstruct the bugs and help create the amplified crawling sounds.

The Arduino sketch receives the sensor input and sends the data to Max/MSP through Serial protocol, where the four sensor info is parsed.