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What the Bells

'What the Bells' is a musical piece that involves Wiimote, Laptop, and (recently added) iPhone/iPad. 'What the Bells' involves a 4 Bell players, each with Wii-Motes and laptop running a client Max patch. A central laptop sends performer instructions via OSC. Global parameters such as timbre changes and delay, controlled by iPhone or iPad, are [...]

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<li>Honesty is important. There should be a balance in sharing honesty. That's where straightforwardness comes into play. The italics portions is my opinion. Scroll down for the relevant material. I like honesty and straightforwardness. Everyone likes to know the truth. I've often heard single friends wish that they knew who had a boyfriend/girlfriend- that they [...]

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I was navigating through Hulu today and I accidentally clicked on this short film. After it started, I thought, 'why not, just watch it?'. It's worth the 17-some minutes. I've been working really hard lately and I don't feel like I've gotten anywhere. The semester is going to start Tuesday and I'm almost finished [...]

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The reality of the moment

I've been re-learning to live this past semester. My girlfriend of almost two years and I broke up, catapulting me to rediscover singledom- which, after two years, was something I was not used to, relatively. One good thing that grew out of this, was that I passed and did well in my classes. I don't [...]

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breaking up

One of the hardest things with a breakup in a serious relationship is a lot of daily routines involved your new ex. It sucks. You automatically associate many parts of your life to that person. From brushing teeth, meals, laughing, sheet lightening, and how to judge how fun things are. When you think of something [...]

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I’m a bad blogger

I haven't written in a very long time. Last semester, I arranged and directed music to an LSU theatre production of Maria Irene Fornes's Promenade , music by Al Carmines. It was an "experimental" musical at the time in the 1970's, that didn't reach much success. Fornes's obsurdist approach to forming the piece may have [...]

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I'm on my way back to Baton Rouge after a week visiting my parents in Florida. My stay was actually cut short because of a strengthening Tropical Storm Fay approaching the bay area. With word that the storm system would strike on Tuesday afternoon, my would-be departure time, Southwest airlines posted they would honor adjustments [...]

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Oui, soy un Berliner.

At the hotel in Denton, I was waiting for the elevator when a father of two, sitting in the lobby, yelled something in spanish at me. I turned around, puzzled. He asked if I spoke spanish. No, I'm asian. Oh. You look like you're from Vera Cruz. I'm from Taiwan. Oh. Okay. The elevator opened. [...]

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