Next Project

I'm trying not to start any new projects until I finish some lingering previous ones. But as a result of the latest performances of the Laptop Orchestra, 'speed of setup' and 'ease of setup' have been an issue we've brought up. My piece What the Bells, takes a bit of time to setup: Syncing Wii-motes [...]

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What the Bells

'What the Bells' is a musical piece that involves Wiimote, Laptop, and (recently added) iPhone/iPad. 'What the Bells' involves a 4 Bell players, each with Wii-Motes and laptop running a client Max patch. A central laptop sends performer instructions via OSC. Global parameters such as timbre changes and delay, controlled by iPhone or iPad, are [...]

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Electric LaTex

Latex Post I'm sitting in a 15-seat van on the way to Denton, Texas for Electric Latex, an electroacoustic festival held in the South. It's an eight hour drive. We're on hour 6. My electroacoustic professor and 7 composers. At any given time, there are 3 powerbooks/macbook pro's being used. One is learning to program [...]

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