new semester

<p>finally, my last semester here at UF. i can&#8217;t say that i&#8217;m not looking forward to graduating, but leaving gainesville is sort of scary. i&#8217;ve been living with my siblings my entire time at college, which in actuality is not far from living at home. the endless liberty seems very scary.</p> <p>i&#8217;m taking 10 credits [...]

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ashley’s birthday

<p>last night was an odd night. i usually don&#8217;t go out and hang out with my friends late when i&#8217;m back at home. but it was ashley&#8217;s birthday so we met at &#8216;coasters&#8217; on indian rocks beach. it was really weird seeing a lot of people i hadn&#8217;t seen in a long time; people i [...]

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well, this christmas break has been totally low key. haven’t really done much of anything. i’ve been watching about 5 espisodes a day of Alias from the season 3 box set my brother got. the weather has kept me from going out and running. so it’s time of reflection again. time to think what’s happened [...]

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hair cut

this is what happens when you mix hair cuts, saturdays nights, and nothing to do: chris’s haircut greg with less hair what happened to the hair greg if greg had his hair back allison if she had greg’s hair april and her ‘boyfriend’ if they had greg’s hair allison’s crouch if she had greg’s hair [...]

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ebombs, yeah

so in a weird, scary sort of way, i find myself thinking about how a terrorist group or anyone really could kill, isolate, innoculate large groups of people at one time. and the ebomb was one of them. it would be a perfect way of shutting down a large metropolitan area or technology based centre. [...]

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i don’t feel that there is anything wrong with riding, although people try to tell me otherwise. they said only scared girls ride it. and not that reason alone am i not afraid of using that service. tonight i went to a concert at the university auditorium. being late for practice and across campus from [...]

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performance review

<p><center><txp :image id="18"></txp></center></p> <p>in the restroom in the music building, an asian phd comp student with an english accent started talking to me and asked me whether or not i was a graduate student. he told me he was impressed. </p> <p>that made my day. </p> <p>almost.</p> <p>i was sitting in broward dining, trying to [...]

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<p>playing pickup last night at flavet, i told someone that i probably wouldn&#8217;t go up against someone if the disc is swilly in a jump-ball situation, for the sake of preventing injury. he was quick to tell me i was a panzy for not playing hard. </p> <p>&#8216;i&#8217;m on the hand-ball club and he plays [...]

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i finally figured out how to publish some music as mp3. it’s still from midi sampling, but hopefully i’ll have a real recording wednesday. here’s the woodwind quintet i’ve been working on. Quintet and i also finished my first electronic piece last night. here it’s based off 4 sounds. sounds better with headphones because of [...]

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