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Yes, that’s me.

Last week, as I was having breakfast-for-lunch at Louie's, the waitress, whom I have seen around Baton Rouge, told me she had "seen a video on Youtube with the song that's playing right now (in Louie's) where you shove a bunch of grapes in your mouth". The song was 'Heartbeats' by the Knife. And the [...]

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Pop Reference

I recently came to a stopping point in an fixed electroacoustic piece that I had been working for a while. "Pop Reference" takes a dialogue I wrote between a pair during a car ride where they confront each on some frustrating situations with their relationship. The dialogue progresses through different exchanges where they both confront [...]

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As of late, I've becoming more and more frustrated on how little I know. The more I try to make myself learn, the more disgustingly daunting the task of "catching up" to where I feel I should be seems.

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Trombone and Electronics

Stuart Dempster in his The Modern Trombone wrote about the use of electronics: "A tape often is really only a substitute for something that might sound better accomplished by another method; this other method might, however, be prohibitively costly or problematical. Usually the audience is served up this sort of acoustical compromise, or a synthetic [...]

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yeah right – art!

Now that everyone's living more virtually than ever and augmenting reality (and augmenting virtual reality), I've decided to jump on this ridiculous band wagon. I've created with pieces of beautiful and unique visual art. You might say they are very similar to someone's else (or similar to each other), but if you look very carefully, [...]

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I had a crazy dream last night and I'm pretty sure I can pinpoint parts in my recent life from where they came and blame it on having 2 cups of coffee and a tea yesterday. [ I had weened myself to a cup a day. ] If anything, it serves for people who don't [...]

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Tonight was the first day of ICMC. I've met people I've read about in text books. I'm in New York for the first time. The hotel is across the street from Madison Square Garden and a few minutes walk from Times Square. I saw a show off Broadway and tomorrow I'm seeing a play starring [...]

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What the Bells

'What the Bells' is a musical piece that involves Wiimote, Laptop, and (recently added) iPhone/iPad. 'What the Bells' involves a 4 Bell players, each with Wii-Motes and laptop running a client Max patch. A central laptop sends performer instructions via OSC. Global parameters such as timbre changes and delay, controlled by iPhone or iPad, are [...]

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Synthesis Tools

When I first started teaching, I created a few instructional tools to teach them basic sound synthesis. Each one, with the ability to record their sounds, demonstrated the basic synthesis technique well enough to be used in their assigned synthesis projects. These applications were installed on the studio lab computers. Each are available for download [...]

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Next Project

I'm trying not to start any new projects until I finish some lingering previous ones. But as a result of the latest performances of the Laptop Orchestra, 'speed of setup' and 'ease of setup' have been an issue we've brought up. My piece What the Bells, takes a bit of time to setup: Syncing Wii-motes [...]

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