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GUA is a live manipulation and sampling digital instrument for laptop and iPad. Document on the development of GUA - [ PDF ] GUA uses live manipulation modules of pitch shift, delay, chorus flanging, filtering, and reverb. A 6-sampler array allows for varied or multiple inputs, variable playback rate, and adjustable scrubbing area. [...]

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What a semester!

I had a semi-meltdown yesterday. I was frustrated with the current state of GUA. I got flustered when people were complaining and I was trying to fix it. This semester has taken its toll on me mentally, physically and now emotionally. I feel like I've been sick for a month. I realized that I've a [...]

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Orchestra Arrangement

Finished an arrangement of my the second movement of my latest String Quartet for string orchestra, be the performed by the Louisiana Sinfonietta. Coincidentally, I'm the webmaster and administrative assistant for the Sinfonietta. Its performance is on March 24, 7pm. Check out the performance at LSU School of Music, to a hear an [...]

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The Facial Hair Experiment

I've always wished I could have a full beard and mustache. But I've never had a reason to try it and every reason to not. It seems like a big time commitment also. The long hours grooming and touching it up. Constantly brushing it. Jk. But i think I've found the perfect excuse. I left [...]

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Laptop Orchestra Tour

We're back from SEAMUS2011, and we barely have time to prepare for our Laptop Orchestra of Louisiana tour. Today is day full of rehearsal and tech. prep. I have a ton of academic loose-ends. My general exams still loom at the end of the tour. We're making four stops in the Southeast to perform and [...]

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Going to Ann Arbor

Three of us, Jeff Albert, J Corey Knoll and I (going by the trio 'The Three Computeers') are going to perform at the International Society of Improvised Music conference at the University of Michigan. This year has been a blessing in terms of exploring and building on musical experiences outside of just [...]

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Faith, Music

For the first time in since I've been in college (10 years now), since this summer, I've been consistently been going to church. I feel like it had been something I was actively pushing away, and I can admit now that I know it's something important to me. Hopefully, I will be able to find [...]

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