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Eyes to see

I was walking by LSU stadium to my car after and just thinking about how I hate staring at a screen all day. Laptop screen, iPhone screen, ipad screen, etc. It wears on the eyes. And then I passed this large bush with some flowering something's. I've heard that looking at green things helps your [...]

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Washington dc part 2

Day 2 in Washington DC: We woke up a little earlier and got out the do ~10:15. Grace took the day off to be with us. Our first stop was the Natural History Museum with two important destinations: the dinosaur hall and the ocean hall.

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Washington DC day 1

I flew into DC at Midnight:30. My sister picked me up in her pajamas. I’d come to visit her and see DC. My parents had taken the family to the Smithsonians and monuments when we were in elementary. I remember running up down the hill of the Washington Monument with my siblings while my dad [...]

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Social Structure

[ Construction no. 1 ] (interactive installation) addresses concepts of resonance, feedback, deconstruction, and inundation in the contexts of sound, music, and social media. The installation is a collection of position-aware resonant acrylic cubes, that, depending on their placement, respond with varying audio and projected visual. Social Structure [ Construction [...]

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Bugs in the System

Bugs in the System | 2011 Bugs in the System is a (prototype) installation piece using Arduino, Sharp IR distance sensors, Max/MSP, HexBug bugs, LEGO’s, contact microphones, and a metal maze, where the location of battery powered Hexbugs bugs, in relation to a track, determines the sonic outcomes. The entire premise is based on ‘bugs’: [...]

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June 10: I've been learning ComputerVision, using Max/MSP. This work uses Infrared Red lights, on each block, as markers to indicate areas for social media artifacts to be projected on. Here are a couple videos I've made, as I learn a little bit of color tracking in Max/MSP. The next step is defining the rectangular area between the colored dots. And then putting an image in that area.

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Story Time

My sister’s husband is in the Navy and wants to record himself reading stories for their 7 month daughter. They wanted an easy sound recorder. So I wrote a simple recorder for her Mac using Max/MSP. Feel free to download this application. **The application is as is and uses my adorable niece’s face as the [...]

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Nick Hwang | WTFreq | Spring 2011 WTFreq is a piece for four wii-mote performers and four laptops. The piece is a followup to What the Bells, 2010. The piece uses demonstrative wii-mote moments to visually differentiate four types of sound synthesis. Automated instructions are displayed on each performers laptop display. The instructions include information [...]

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Social Structure [ Construction no. 1 ] concept

Event Poster:         Social Structure [Construction no. 1]  (2011: Nick Hwang, Jesse Allison, and Michael Straus) is an interactive audiovisual performance for voice, social media, interactive media, and ‘socially aware’ constructed speaker blocks, in which social media artifacts (such as tweets, Facebook statuses, 4Square locales, Flickr/Instagram photos) are re-interpreted [...]

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