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Oui, soy un Berliner.

At the hotel in Denton, I was waiting for the elevator when a father of two, sitting in the lobby, yelled something in spanish at me. I turned around, puzzled. He asked if I spoke spanish.
No, I’m asian.
Oh. You look like you’re from Vera Cruz.
I’m from Taiwan.
Oh. Okay.
The elevator opened.

During intermission at an LSU play, my neighbor, returning to his seat, asked me if I was Nepalese.
“I had a friend who was from Nepalese.”
Nope, I’m Taiwanese.

Electric LaTex

Latex Post

I’m sitting in a 15-seat van on the way to Denton, Texas for Electric Latex, an electroacoustic festival held in the South. It’s an eight hour drive. We’re on hour 6. My electroacoustic professor and 7 composers. At any given time, there are 3 powerbooks/macbook pro’s being used. One is learning to program in java, one notating music, and I writing a blog post.

Yesterday I spent a hundred dollars at Kinkos making copies of my music for my portfolio. It makes me anxious wondering where I will be in a year. That the hundred dollars I just […]

Posts in years

My masters recital was on Halloween. It went very well. I premiered my string quartet, which I feel is the largest work so far. I’m so glad that I’ve finally done with this phase and moving on to applying for schools and writing my thesis. This past month has been horrendously busy, and i’m looking forward to getting some sleep, working out, and taking time for myself. I think had 4 occasions last month were i was up over 24 hours.

I’ve renewed my vision on leaving Baton Rouge and moving with my life, getting into a doctoral program and […]

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