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Blog Crush

If I were to ever have a blog crush, she would be that person. I’ve been reading your blog ever since I found out what a blog was. I first heard about Mates of State and later !!! from reading her.

She’s insanely cute. And despite living in Texas, I actually thought I might eventually run into living in Lousiana. Her posts used to be more Photo-Blogish, and more recently reflected on her work and boyfriend.

Just recently, taking a break from answering phones, I checked her site. She’s getting married. Insane. I think she’s 18/19 now. There’s […]

temp work

I’ve moved back home for about 3 weeks now. I started a temp job with pinellas county schools. My sister, Grace, worked with the same program last year.

Pinellas Country School has an awful ratio-correcting scheme under the guise of a “choice” plan. In the registration period, students are able to pick their top 4 choices of schools. With seat availibility and color ratio-allowance, children are put into a lottery, with 95% (this past year) getting their number 1 choice. Elementary schools and Middle schools are broken into 4 and 3 attendance areas, and all 16 high schools are in […]

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