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performance review

<p><center><txp :image id="18"></txp></center></p> <p>in the restroom in the music building, an asian phd comp student with an english accent started talking to me and asked me whether or not i was a graduate student. he told me he was impressed. </p> <p>that made my day. </p> <p>almost.</p> <p>i was sitting in broward dining, trying to [...]

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<p>playing pickup last night at flavet, i told someone that i probably wouldn&#8217;t go up against someone if the disc is swilly in a jump-ball situation, for the sake of preventing injury. he was quick to tell me i was a panzy for not playing hard. </p> <p>&#8216;i&#8217;m on the hand-ball club and he plays [...]

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i finally figured out how to publish some music as mp3. it’s still from midi sampling, but hopefully i’ll have a real recording wednesday. here’s the woodwind quintet i’ve been working on. Quintet and i also finished my first electronic piece last night. here it’s based off 4 sounds. sounds better with headphones because of [...]

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this past week

<p>this past week has probably been the most stressful fucking week ever. this just got worse and worse. </p> <p>i&#8217;ve been sick all week. my throat is killing me. i&#8217;m totally congested. </p> <p>the gators lost.</p> <p>my candidate for president who promised me he&#8217;d fight for every vote, conceded before any chance of a full [...]

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i was sitting in music history class today trying to concentrate and i looked across the room. a girl was using her pen to outline and drag along her boob. i was a mesmerized. up and down and around. she seemed to not realize what she was doing. she very caught up in listening to [...]

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salad or burger

<p>i get free subcriptions to magazines through <a href="">slickdeals</a>. and i got my second issue of RAZOR magazine today. it&#8217;s a guy&#8217;s magazine, i guess, supposedly for &#8220;style &#38; substance&#8221;. i just read the ubiquitous section where they ask a bunch of women questions and they rate things by percentages. </p> <p>#11: He should never [...]

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