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performance review

in the restroom in the music building, an asian phd comp student with an english accent started talking to me and asked me whether or not i was a graduate student. he told me he was impressed.

that made my day.


i was sitting in broward dining, trying to figure out if i like London Panini or not when a tall, long brown-haired guy with size 4 plugs in his ears came up to me:

him: aren’t you nick?
me: what? (not quite sure he was talking to me, with panini in my mouth)
him: aren’t you nick?


playing pickup last night at flavet, i told someone that i probably wouldn’t go up against someone if the disc is swilly in a jump-ball situation, for the sake of preventing injury. he was quick to tell me i was a panzy for not playing hard.

‘i’m on the hand-ball club and he plays hard in everything; every sport. you club people are stupid.’

yeah, he’s right, i like having someone who can’t control their body slamming into me or taking me out in the air or rolling over my ankle again.

but anyways, i don’t know what’s wrong with […]


i finally figured out how to publish some music as mp3. it’s still from midi sampling, but hopefully i’ll have a real recording wednesday.

here’s the woodwind quintet i’ve been working on.


and i also finished my first electronic piece last night.

it’s based off 4 sounds. sounds better with headphones because of the panning. this piece is also known as Ali’sBackPorch.

move to canada

i questioned my friend about her class social geography. and i what was the real point? playing ignorant

this past week

this past week has probably been the most stressful fucking week ever. this just got worse and worse.

i’ve been sick all week. my throat is killing me. i’m totally congested.

the gators lost.

my candidate for president who promised me he’d fight for every vote, conceded before any chance of a full count.

each of my performers for my woodwind quintet (who told they could play my piece) told me they couldn’t make it. i eventually replaced everyone twice on each instrument. i was completely stressed. but now we’ve run through the piece and things look good. they’re playing at the […]


i was sitting in music history class today trying to concentrate and i looked across the room. a girl was using her pen to outline and drag along her boob.

i was a mesmerized. up and down and around. she seemed to not realize what she was doing. she very caught up in listening to the lecture that she didn’t know what her hand was doing.

salad or burger

i get free subcriptions to magazines through slickdeals. and i got my second issue of RAZOR magazine today. it’s a guy’s magazine, i guess, supposedly for “style & substance”. i just read the ubiquitous section where they ask a bunch of women questions and they rate things by percentages.

#11: He should never order a salad when I’ve ordered a burger.
65% Agree
35% Diagree

“He understands nothing about women if he doesn’t know this.” Debra, 241

“At least salad keeps them regular.” Sandy, 302

“I guess I’m old-fashsioned, but a guy picking at salad is not very masculine.” […]

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